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  1. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. bathe

  B. birth

  C. thought

  D. Thank


  2. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. alive

  B. monitor

  C. mind

  D. Bicycle


  3. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. potato

  B. police

  C. population

  D. Polite


  4. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. gather

  B. gift

  C. general

  D. goat


  5. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. feather

  B. head

  C. bread

  D. Beeach



  6. The doctor told Mr. White that he couldn' t get better if he didn' t_________drinking.

  A. give up

  B. give away

  C. give in

  D. give out


  【应试指导】本题考查动词短语辨析。句意:医生告诉怀特先生,如果他不戒烟身体就不能康复。give up意为“放弃,戒除”;9ive away意为“泄露,失去”;give in意为“屈服,投降”;9ive out意为“发布,停止运行”。根据句意可知,应选A。

  7. It was a pity that he missed the meeting__________in London last month.

  A. to be held

  B. held

  C. having held

  D. to hold



  8. The teacher told his students that the earth___________round like a ball.

  A. be

  B. is

  C. had been

  D. Was



  9. It' s truly a beautiful place,_________I don' t want to live here.

  A. and

  B. as

  C. but

  D. So



  10. John is___________tallest student among________whole class.

  A. a;the

  B. the;the

  C. a;a

  D. the;a



  11. The ship___________at 8:30 ,but it is almost 9:30 now.

  A. could have arrived

  B. must have arrived

  C. should have arrived

  D. would have arrived


  【应试指导】本题考查情态动词。句意:船本应该8:30就到的,但是现在已经快9:30了。shouldhave done意为“本应该做某事”,符合题意。

  12.-Hello,Jim! May I ask you a question?


  A. No, thanks

  B. Right

  C. Never mind

  D. Certainly



  13.He left for New York___________I could say goodbye to him.

  A. sitice

  B. as

  C. before

  D. Until



  14. I can' t__________you that I' 11 be able to come,but I' 11 do my best.

  A. promise

  B. ask

  C. answer

  D. Advise



  15. Do you want to change this lamp for__________or do you want your money back?

  A. other one

  B. other

  C. the others

  D. Another


  【应试指导】本题考查0ther的用法。句意:你是想换一盏灯还是想拿回自己的钱?other one与other本身不正确;the others是特指,表示“剩下的全部”;another是泛指,表示“另一个”。根据题意可知,应选D。

  16. He asked me how often I went back home__________a visit when I was at college.

  A. for

  B. on

  C. with

  D. To


  【应试指导】本题考查介词辨析。句意:他问我上大学时多久回家看一次。for作介词,表示目的。for a visit意为“访问,做客”,此处表示回家看看。

  17. Mary was looking for a shop___________she could buy some chocolate.

  A. which

  B. that

  C. where

  D. Who



  18. Every Friday evening George will sit quietly in the chair,__________his favorite TV show.

  A. to watch

  B. watch

  C. watched

  D. Watching



  19. Please tell him__________ my train will arrive and ask him to pick me up.

  A. what

  B. when

  C. whether

  D. How



  20. I____any job I like since I came to this city.

  A. haven' t done

  B. don' t do

  C. wouldn' t do

  D. didn' t do




  As a boy I dreamed of flying airplanes. 21__________I told Dad I wanted to be a pilot,he said, "Youneed to do your job well on the farm first, and 22__________you may realize your dream. "The farm was aneveryday responsibility (职责)--that. 23__________Saturday, Sunday and Christmas too. Every morning Igot up at four o' clock to milk and 24__________the cows. After the milk was bottled, my older brothers andI 25__________it to people' s homes. I was paid five cents a bottle. At that time I 26__________that to be success-ful you have to take care of your responsibilities.

  When I was 16 ,I signed up for flying lessons. To pay for the lessons I 27__________a small restaurantwith some friends. One of our regular 28__________was the president of the Farmers Bank. Every 29__________Igot,I talked to him about my dream. One day I told him I 30__________$3,500 to buy my own 31__________. Helent me the money so that I could fly people within 150 miles of the airport.

  Twelve years later I was flying people around the world 32__________a pilot of a big airline company.

  After ten years in the company I started my own 33__________.

  Today I run a billion-dollar company, but it was on the farm that I learned the principles(原则)that have 34__________me. Hard work and determination do 35__________dreams come true.

  21. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. Before

  B. When

  C. Since

  D. Though



  22. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. again

  B. now

  C. then

  D. Still



  23. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. wasted

  B. spent

  C. followed

  D. Meant



  24. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. save

  B. pull

  C. ride

  D. Feed



  25. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. offered

  B. sent

  C. returned

  D. Posted



  26. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. learned

  B. replied

  C. warned

  D. Agreed



  27. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. built

  B. opened

  C. visited

  D. Borrowed



  28. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. neighbors

  B. friends

  C. customers

  D. Passengers



  29. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. chance

  B. day

  C. place

  D. Hour



  30. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. received

  B. needed

  C. collected

  D. Prepared



  31. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. truck

  B. car

  C. plane

  D. Bus



  32. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. to

  B. by

  C. for

  D. As


  【应试指导】目定用法题。l2年后我成为一家大型航空公司的飞行员,把人们送到世界各地。as意为“作为,以……身份”,as a pilot意为“作为一名飞行员”,符合句意。

  33. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. business

  B. job

  C. journey

  D. Area


  【应试指导】固定用法题。在航空公司工作10年后,我建立了自己的公司。start ode’s business意为“创业,开始自己的生意”,符合题意。

  34. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. reminded

  B. guided

  C. excited

  D. Pressed



  35. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. take

  B. put

  C. see

  D. Make


  【应试指导】固定用法题。刻苦工作和决心真的能使梦想成真:lnake sth.come true意为“使……成真”,为固定用法。故选D。



  Recently, more than 2,000 high school teachers have been asked about the effect of the Interneton their students. Teachers say the Internet has had a good influence(影响and a not-so-good influence on this generation.

  Three quarters of the teachers say the Internet and search tools have had a great effect on theirstudents'research habits and skills. But 87 percent agree that this young generation don' t knowabout hard work and can't stay attentive(注意力集中的) for long. And 64 percent say the Internetdoes more to distract (使分心)students than to help them in their studies. Many students think "doingresearch"just means doing a quick search on Google.

  According to the teachers, one problem is that students trust too much of the information on theInternet. These students have not developed skills to judge the quality of the information. It' s some-thing that really has to be taught and paid attention to. It' s like everything else. In a world wherethings can happen quickly, you really need to have a way to step back, think and make judgmentabout the information you have. And teachers can do a lot to teach that.

  Another problem is that being able to quickly find information keeps the students from workinghard. They become dependent on search tools and do not make enough use of printed books. Manyteachers are also afraid that the Internet makes it easy for students to copy work done by others.

  36. What does the text mainly discuss about the Internet?

  A. Its success in high school teaching.

  B. Its influence on school teachers.

  C. Its achievements in school research.

  D. Its effect on high school students.



  37. What is the percentage of the teachers who think the students need hard work?

  A. 75%.

  B. 64%.

  C. 87%.

  D. 70%.



  38. What should be taught to students according to Paragraph 3 ?

  A. Ways to improve their research habits.

  B. How to do research on the Internet.

  C. Skills to judge the quality of information.

  D. How to pay attention to their studies.



  39. What will happen when students depend too much on search tools?

  A. Their studies will be greatly improved.

  B. They won' t make good use of books.

  C. Their attention to things will last longer.

  D. They won' t copy work done by others.




  I am watching my son and hundreds of his classmates, marching in perfect order into the univer-

  sity football stadium(体育场).Holding back my tears, I search for my son in the sea of people. Sud-denly, there he is. I jump to my feet and start waving. Arms flying back and forth above my head, Ilook like a windmill(风车),or maybe an airport worker guiding a plane. I see him smile,then laughas he pulls his camera out of his pocket. He takes a picture of me as he waves back, and then goes tofind his seat.

  What is it about graduations that makes them so moving? Why do most of us women cry as we-watch our sons ,daughters, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews march in dark robes(长袍) .9 We crypartly because, no matter how old our children are, and no matter how much they have achieved, inour eyes they are still the little babies we carry around the house to comfort.

  And ,of course, we cry also because something wonderful is ending, and we miss it already.Whatever is on its way to take its place will not be the same. It has been such a gift to have my songo to college close to home. We never have to worry about whether he will be able to make the triphome for a hohday. But this was a time-limited gift. My son will attend graduate school in California.We will talk and text like crazy, and visit as often as we can. But it will not be the same.

  40. Why are people gathering in the university stadium?

  A. They are having a group photo taken.

  B. They are watching a football match.

  C. They are attending a college graduation.

  D. They are taking part in a sports meet.



  41. Whom does the son take a picture of before taking his seat?

  A. People in the stadium.

  B. An airport worker.

  C. His classmates.

  D. His mother.



  42. The writer cries partly because__________

  A. she misses the days when she could often see her son

  B. she is disappointed that they have to move to California

  C. she feels sad that her son has achieved little at college

  D. she is afraid her son cannot find a job after graduation



  43. What will be different when the son attends graduate school?

  A. He will spend holidays at home.

  B. He will not call his mom so often.

  C. He will be far away from home.

  D. He will not give his mom any gift.




  Once a month,just after sunset, trucks fill an outdoor parking lot in Los Angeles, California.Some trucks sell all kinds of food. Others have clothing for sale. These are known as fashion (时尚)trucks.

  It's really fun to go through everything in the truck. The back of the truck is a small store.Clothing hangs on one side. Jewelry(首饰) and purses are on the other. The store looks colorful andis well organized. There is also a very small room for trying on clothes.

  Jordana Fortaleza is one of the truck owners. She says the cost of owning a truck is much lowerthan paying for a store. And there is another reason to use a truck. You can take your business toyour customers. But there are also difficulties.

  The biggest problem is the weather. In winter, it' s cold outside and there' s no one around. Anotherproblem is keeping the truck in good condition. When it breaks down, the repairs can take days. Businessstops during the time. It happens at least once a year because her truck is 38 years old.

  Meagan Rogers is a fashion school graduate. She says the job market is so hard now, but with afashion truck she' s able to start earning money while her classmates are still working without pay.44.Which of the following is an advantage of a fashion truck?

  A. It attracts more customers.

  B. It costs less than a store.

  C. It needs repairs once a year.

  D. It has a small room in it.



  45. What do we know about Meagan Rogers?

  A. She has started making money.

  B. She hasn' t finished her school.

  C. She is happy to help her classmates.

  D. She has problems with her truck.



  46. What would be the best title for the text?

  A. Tips for Repairing Your Truck

  B. How to Start a Clothes Store

  C. The Story of a Fashion School

  D. Fashion Trucks in Los Angeles


  【应试指导】主旨大意题。文章通篇讲述的都是加利福尼亚州的洛杉矾街上的时尚货车。第一段讲时尚货车上卖各种各样的衣服和食物;第二段讲时尚货车上的布局;第三段和第四段分别讲时尚货车的优势和劣势;第五段讲Meagan Rogers的时尚货车。故D正确。


  Body language is of great importance tohumans. We carry many of the meanings through body

  movements. However, many forms of body language we consider to be fine in our country can get usinto trouble in other parts of the world.

  A smile is one of the most common examples in different countries. While Americans smile freely atstrangers,in Russia this is considered strange and even impolite. In Asian countries a smile isn' tnecessarily an expression of joy but it can be used to express pain.

  The acceptable physical distance is another major difference. In Latin America and the MiddleEast the acceptable distance is much shorter than what most Europeans and Americans feet comforta-ble with. Hand and arm movements as a form of body language are also very different amongcountries. Handshakes are usually acceptable almost everywhere, even between strangers;however,kissing on the cheek and touching on the shoulder or other body parts aren' t. For many people inAsia and other parts of the world, such actions are seen as a violation (侵犯) of one' s personalspace. This is why you should not touch others easily.

  Eye contact(目光接触)is one of the forms of body language where the differences are most strikingInAmerica and Latin America looking the other person in the eye is a sign of respect. But in Asian countries,prolonged(过长的)eye contact is especially rude,so you should try your best not to do that.

  47. To humans, body language is__________.

  A. important

  B. funny

  C. uncommon

  D. Strange



  48. In which place is smiling at strangers considered impolite?

  A. The U.S.

  B. Asia.

  C. Latin America.

  D. Russia.



  49. Which form of body language is acceptable almost everywhere?

  A. Kissing on the cheek.

  B. Shaking hands.

  C. Touching on the shoulder.

  D. Keeping a short distance.



  50. What does striking in the fourth paragraph most probably mean?

  A. Interesting to read.

  B. Easy to notice.

  C. Impossible to remember.

  D. Difficult to accept.






  ( Jane = J ; Woman = W)W:Can I help you?

  J:Yes, I hope so. I left my bag on a bus this morning.

  W: 51 ?

  J:Bus No. 16.

  W: 52 ?

  J:It' s a middle-sized white bag.

  W: 53 ?

  J:My purse and keys.

  W : 54 , please ?

  J : Jane Smith.

  W:AI1 right,you can come again tomorrow morning and see what we've got here.

  J:OK. 55

  W : You' re welcome.

  51. 请填写最佳选择答案()。

  【答案】Which bus did you take


  【答案】What does the bag look like


  【答案】What' s in the bag


  【答案】What' s your name


  【答案】Thanks/Thank you







  Dear Mike,


  Li Hua


  One possible version:Dear Mike,

  How are you doing recently? My friends and I planto have a picnic together in the Summer Palace thiscoming weekend. We' d like to invite you to come andjoin us. Each of us is expected to prepare a favorite dishfor the picnic. And I will get enough bread, fruit anddrinks ready for all of us. We have decided to meet at thebus stop near the north gate of our school at 8o' clockthis Sunday morning. Please let me know if you cancome.


  Li Hua

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